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                                                       BARREL EVENT

                                             PILLAGER HORSE ARENA

                                            PILLAGER FAIR GROUNDS


                                         Thursday May 16th, 2013

                                         Thursday June 20th, 2013

                                         Thursday July 25th, 2013

                                         Thursday August 22nd, 2013

                                         Thursday September 12th, 2013



                                    Exhibitions at 6 pm    Start 7 pm


                                                                                                           $15  entry fee with 80% payback

                                                                                                           $ 5 per person processing fee

                                                                                                           $3 per exhibition


                                                                   Do not need to be a member of the BBR to participate

                                                                   If you want to become a member of the BBR the fee is $55 annually

                                                                   Riders who are members, please remember to bring your membership number

                                                                   For BBR information go to


                                                                   For information or questions, please contact Donna Klimek at the number below


                                                       Pillager Fair Board                     218-820-3261

                                                      Inclement weather please call ahead of time