Pillager Horse


Coggins Required



Office Charge:  $3.00 per horse & rider                 Jackpots:   $5.00

PEE WEE:  10 & under: $3.00                               Open: all ages

Junior:   11-17:          $3.00                                    Must: enter age group event

Intermediate 18-30:” $3.00                                     100% Payback

Senior:    31+:           $3.00                                     JACKPOTS-

Ribbons  1st – 6th Places                                          Cash only no ribbons

Highpoint Awards in each age division!

            Barrels                                                                         Open Gamblers Choice

            Pole Weaving                                                              Open Rescue Race (Double Entry)

            Keyhole                                                                       Open Speed & Action

            Jumping Fig.8                                                             Open Speed Dash

            2Barrel Pennant                                                          Open Scud-a-hoe                               

Fig.8 Stake Race                                                         Open Catalog Race

            Teddy Bear Race                                                        Open Austrian Race

            JACKPOT Barrels                                                      Open Hangman (Double Entry)                     

            JACKPOT Pole Weaving                                                                                          

            JACKPOT Keyhole

            JACKPOT Jumping Fig.8                   Riders Meeting 10 min before gaming starts”


Copy of coggins, CCAS must have copy.

Open to all levels of riders. No one is turned away.

No Alcohol allowed on grounds.  Un-sportsman like conduct not tolerated.

CCAS reserves the right to remove anyone from the grounds.

CCAS reserves the right to cancel show because of inclement weather or not                           enough participation.


                                                Sponsored by the Cass County Ag Society & J & B Western

For Information or reservations please call or email to the following    Anne Ness 218-851-4236     nessranch@brainerd.net          Box Stalls $10